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Nice. Hellingon Rush

Authors: sharknice and gorillanice

Nice. Hellingon Rush

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The Nice. Hellingon Rush is a 2 versus 2 strategy designed to get an army of hellions and speedlings as fast as possible. Enabling shared controls allows the Zerg to build an extractor for the Terran which makes it possible to get Hellions more than 30 seconds faster than doing it alone.

Build Order

Terran Build Order

Zerg Build Order

Supply Depot
Hellion x2
Orbital Command
Hellion x2

2 Hellions complete at 4:00
4 Hellions at 4:30

Extractor (for Terran)
Extractor (for Self)
Spawning Pool
Extractor Trick
Metabolic Boost

Start Zergling Production at 3:00
10 Speedlings at 4:45


The zerg sends out his first zerglings and scouts out what the best place to attack is. At 4:00 2 hellions finish for the terran and meet up with the zerglings to attack. Rally the reinforcements to the enemy base, 4 hellions and 10 speedlings will be out at 4:45. The zerglings are fairly expendable while the hellions are not. Use the zerglings as meat shields and the hellions as the damage dealers.

Protoss are usually a good target. The typical hallway well-off that is completed with a zealot is easy to take down with the hellions and zerglings. Even sentries will have a hard time force fielding due to the extremely early timing of the attack. The protoss will generally have very few units, you can go straight for the probes then move on to the next base.

Zerg are also an easy target for this build. Attack with the zerglings and use them as a meat shield while the hellions do the real damage from behind and from the sides, maximizing the splash damage. You can easily take on spine crawlers and queens while having the zerglings attack with the hellions. The enemies cannot use their drones to attack because the hellions will roast them so fast. It only takes 3 shots from a hellion to kill a drone and probe and 4 shots to kill an SCV.

Terran are the hardest targets because they can wall off the easiest, but they are still very vulnerable. Attack the weakest point with zerglings and have the hellions roasting from behind. Hellions can hit any marines shooting the zerglings. Any SCVs that attempt to repair will be roasted by splash damage.



On maps where you are farther away from your teammate the terran can squeeze a few more SCVs out while waiting for the zerg to send an extractor. You can get 3 more SCVs and and orbital command out slowing the hellion timing about 30 seconds. This is a huge economic boost because you are barely cutting SCV production. This makes it easy to transition to banshees, blue flames, or tanks.



This build works best on maps without shared bases. It works best on maps with large or multiple ramps that make it harder to wall off. We typically do not use this build on shared base maps unless it is against a protoss zerg combination.



Multiple zerg opponents are the biggest counter to this build. A sub 10 pool zergling rush can arrive before the factory finishes, the terran will have nothing and when the enemy zerglings arrive.

Protoss on a small ramp map can infinite force field the ramp. Also a complete wall in with cannons done correctly can stop this rush.

Terran bunkers behind the wall, especially with marauders work well to stop this.


3 versus 3 and 4 versus 4

The Nice. Hellingon rush also works well in 3 versus 3 and 4 versus 4 games. Another zerg producing speedlings can help a lot. A protoss teammate doing a fast as possible dark templar rush compliments it very well, especially using the pylon overlord vision trick. Follow ups from teammates with basic tier 1 armies work pretty well too.



Hellingon Replay Pack

Discord IV Computer Example

Toxic Slums 4v4

Toxic Slums 4v4 2

Cinder Fortress 3v3

Tempest Spanishiwa and TLO



Coming soon.



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